Sony Battery NP-FH50
for use with Sony DSLR Camera Alpha A290
Incompatible Battery. Use Correct Model

NP-FH50 Infolithium H Series Camcorder Battery


I recently bought a Sony NP-FH50 battery for my Sony A290 camera and when I tried to use it I got the error message
"Incompatible Battery. Use Correct Model" - it would not work with my camera.

I did not buy the battery direct from Sony but from a dealer on Amazon UK.  I have since found out that there are many fake Sony batteries for sale on the Internet, including on sites like Amazon and eBay.

The following are a few snippets I found along the way:
Further details re fakes: Genuine retail blister packaging will have a golden metallic SONY hologram at the front - this is on the card insert INSIDE the packaging, so cannot be tampered with. Fakes also have similar hologram sticker, however on the fake the SONY wording does not go on and off, become black and light up in alternate pattern when viewing from various angles, fake SONY wording will be ALL ON or ALL OFF - easy to differentiate. Go to your nearest SONY retail outlet and ask for a SONY Anti-counterfeit Handy Viewer. FAKE Sony have easily identifiable FALSE Sony part numbers with extra letter T and also mixed/incorrect UPC Part Number on the retail paper insert. Newer FAKE may have correct Sony Part Number but the UPC Part Number may still be incorrect on the retail insert! Fake has none of the Operating Instructions and none of the separate Sony Warranty sheets.  See eBay review: Buying-genuine-Sony-Batteries-and-avoiding-fakes.
See Google search 'fake sony battery'.  See this 3 minute video on YouTube.

Unfortunately I discarded the packaging on the battery that did not work and only found out my new back-up battery didn't work while on holiday - however, I do know that it DID NOT HAVE the 'recycle dustbin' for 'Europe Only' symbol on the underside - see picture below.

I have provided this page in the hope that others will not waste as much time as I have on this
- Sony batteries are more expensive - but they work!

Beware - on sites like Amazon & eBay the sellers rarely give pictures of the packaging - most pictures I have seen so far are just copies of ones other sellers are using. Ask to see detailed pictures of the packaging and battery back.  Before buying ask if the battery is genuine Sony - if it subsequently turns out not to be then the item is not as described & you will get a refund, whatever the seller states in his/her terms.  Beware of terms like 'Battery For Sony NP-FH50', 'Exact Replacement', 'Compatible', etc.  If they are around the 10 mark be even more careful!  Genuine Sony batteries will cost around 40 or more.

Here are some pictures of my genuine Sony NP-FH50 battery and packaging, including inserts:


Burrington village, Devon

Dave Tylcoat, September 2011