Burrington, Devon


31 January 2014

Great Results!

As we mentioned in last month’s Parish Community Magazine, the reports of our academic performance against national data demonstrates an excellent set of results, and we are extremely proud of the children’s success.

At the age of 6, children are now tested on their ability to read words with different combinations of letters making a variety of sounds - phonics. Then at the age of 7 and again at the age of 11 they are tested in Reading, Writing, and Maths. The progress they make between these two ages is a very important measure.

We are delighted to announce that in their phonics tests, 100% of the children passed in 2013, well ahead of the national average of 69%; and our 7 year olds, scored either the national average, or above the national average in almost all areas of Reading Writing and Maths. The trend over the past 3 years is a positive one, with results improving year on year.

By the end of their time at Primary school the children at Burrington perform consistently above the national average placing then 5th out of 383 Devon Primary schools, for achievements in the higher grades of Reading, Writing and Maths. The progress these children have made in 2013, puts them in the top 5% nationally for all three subjects, and the top 1% for progress in Writing.

Of course we are delighted with these results, which are achieved because of the unstinting hard work of the children and the staff, and the invaluable support of parents, but hold on to the vision that an excellent education goes beyond academic results. To have developed children’s love of learning, their confidence and their engagement in the wider curriculum, as well as their sense of belonging and engagement with the school and wider community are all crucial parts of the overall “package”. We know that with high academic results, the ability to learn independently and high self-esteem, our pupils will leave Burrington Primary School with the best possible life chances.

We look forward to another successful year and trust that we will all have your continued support.

6 February 2014

On Tuesday 4th February, while the sun briefly shone, Class 1 visited St Johns Garden Centre and Maidenhead Aquatics as part of their topic on Environment. In St John’s, the children had a wonderful time discovering what a real garden centre sells, looking at the wide variety of plants grown on, and exploring Jungle land. They then had a look at different types of tropical fish and had great fun going ‘nose to nose’ with some of them.

It was very gratifying to hear from one of the ladies in the Café in the garden centre, that they had had several customers come and tell them how well behaved and engaged in their activity, the children were. Many thanks to St John’s garden centre and Maidenhead Aquatics for welcoming the children.

Safe use of computers
This week we have been working with the children in school on safe use of computers. It is increasingly important that they know how to use the internet safely, and recognise the limitations of information available on the internet, as well as the benefits of its use.

13 March 2014

Netball Tournament
Burrington netball team had a great day at the North Devon Netball Championship held at Park School last Tuesday. The competition was stiff, but the team put up a brilliant performance, scoring over 17 goals! Everyone played superbly, resulting in a very creditable result of coming 11th out of 18 very competitive teams. A huge thank you must also go to Sarah Bonner and Susan Fraser-Smith for all the hard work they have put in, from coaching to transporting and organising the whole team. Thank you very much and well done to the commitment and hard work of the children too.

World Book Day
You might have thought you had walked straight into a fairy tale or adventure book on Thursday's World Book Day! We had King Arthur and Robin Hood. Not to mention Maid Marion! A dinosaur, ladybird, horse riders, princesses and even a few adventurers! And that is to mention a few. The children had great fun making book covers and book marks, taking part in a quiz, and of course, swapping their books with their special vouchers. Mrs Short thoroughly enjoyed the character parade, with some stunning costumes! Don't forget to use your World Book Day vouchers. As Confucius said: “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

23 April 2014

A new term has begun and after a glorious Easter holidays we are all feeling refreshed and ready for the coming term. At the end of last term the children hosted a Mother’s day tea which was wonderfully well attended. They served tea, muffins, rock cakes and biscuits while their parents had a well-deserved break.
Following this we had a lovely Easter Service in the church. The children sang beautifully with many of them being brave enough to sing solos! Class 2 put on an interesting play from which we all learned about the Crucifixion and Class 2 did a ‘television quiz show’ in which they pondered some tricky questions about Easter. As always we are very grateful for the support we receive from the parish and the wider community.
Class 1 had several exciting days out at the end of last term – year 2 children went up the church tower with the kind assistance of Keith Hopper, and enjoyed the views from the top as well as learning about the bells and wondering whose the mysterious footprint is on the floor of the tower. They then visited Ley Farm with kind permission of the Bonner family, so they could find out all about life on a modern day farm as well as the complexities of the lambing season. After that they went to Rosemoor Gardens to find out about mini-beasts, habitats and discover the various different plants that can be grown in a sensory garden. With this knowledge they are designing their own garden for school. All in all it was a very busy final week of term!
The PFA are very kindly starting this term with a Big Breakfast on Sunday 27th in the Parish Hall. These breakfasts are always delicious and we are very grateful them for the very hard work that goes into this event. This year they will also be holding a table top sale and a recycling collection. Very many thanks to the committee members for organising this, and to all those who support it. Funding is crucial in our small school and allows us to enrich the children’s lives with trips, visitors and equipment.

10 May 2014

Big Breakfast and Recycle – Sunday 27th
Very many thanks to the PFA for organising the Big Breakfast and Recycle event. It is tremendously hard work and we really appreciate the money that they raise for us. It was lovely to see so many people supporting this and enjoying the delicious range of breakfasts on offer as well as browsing wares in the Table Top Sale.
Last week we had some very exciting news! Chulmleigh Academy Trust put in a bid to the Academies’ Capital Maintenance Fund, for funding the urgent repairs to the bell tower on the school, has been successful! Terry Pullen the Estates Manager for the Academy, secured a massive £26,400 to ensure that the building is kept safe and in tip top condition.
Cricket, Football, Tag Rugby Volleyball and Gymnastics as well as Surfing are just a few of the sports that have been on offer this year thanks to the extra funding from the government – Sports Premium for Primary Schools. We are so lucky to be able to take advantage of this funding for our children, but also for the continuing professional development of our own staff. Long after the government have decided to fund other deserving causes, our pupils will still be able to achieve high standards in these activities because of the training that we as teachers have received from working with the coaches.
All the children in the school were able to find out how to stay safe this month as we welcomed the local RNLI Life Guards into school to talk about safety on the beach. Class 1 also had a visit from an officer from St John Ambulance who taught them what to do in an emergency as well as some First Aid techniques. Do look on our website www.burrington-primary.devon.sch.uk for the photos of this and many other activities the children have been involved in.
Ethos group - Juliet Doswell became chair more than a year ago, and although she is no longer on the board of Directors she has still been chairing Ethos meetings for the last two terms, guiding us on how to make our Christian Distinctiveness explicit to all who visit our school, and indeed on our very individual ‘Burringtoness’, as well as leading much of our Collective Worship. Sadly Juliet feels that due to other commitments, she now needs to hand over the reins to others. We are extremely grateful to her for the immense hard work she has put into this committee and to our school and we will greatly miss her expert advice and professional knowledge. However, we are very pleased that David Worden and Rev Roderick Withnell will temporarily take on the responsibility of chairing this committee between them. Ethos meetings are open to all and we welcome any members of the community who would like to attend. Meetings are generally held once a term and the next meeting will be on 18th September 3.45pm.

12 September 2014

We are now back in the throes of a glorious Autumn term, and an exciting new school year! It has been wonderful to see the children – all grown so much over the holidays – and to hear all about the exciting things they got up to over the break! They have all got straight back into the swing of things and it’s lovely to have our ‘Burrington Family’ back together again.

We especially welcome our four new children to the school; Ellie Carnegie, Izzie Moule and Jacob Furneaux Harris in Class 1, and give a welcome back to Jack Bryce in Class 2. We welcome too, Tracey Dodd as our new Deputy Executive Head Teacher. Tracey will be in Burrington School on Monday and Wednesday mornings and will be splitting her time equally between all the schools on the other days. If you would like to meet her, I am sure she would be delighted.

Little Oaks Pre-school has very sadly closed due to lack of numbers. However, they will stay open for the remaining children until the end of September and we wish all the staff and children the best of luck for the future. Due to the closure of Little Oaks, I had a meeting this week with Angela Joslin, Gina Randall, Linda Morris, Tracey Dodd and Mike Johnson concerning the future of our ‘feed in’. We had very positive discussions about the possibilities of opening a pre-school within Burrington School and incorporating it as a Partnership Foundation Stage Unit. We would obviously only be able to do this if we had enough children to attend – so any parents that would be interested in looking round the school with the view to possibly sending children here from as young as two years old, please get in touch. You can email me on lnewman@chulmleigh.devon.sch.uk or telephone the office. We will have more information as soon as the details have been sorted out.

29 September 2014

Trip to Exeter
On Tuesday the whole school enjoyed a trip to Exeter to have an in-depth tour around the Cathedral. After our exciting train journey from Eggesford to Exeter, we split into two groups and with some extremely informative guides, found out all sorts of intriguing facts about the Cathedral. Following this we all made stained glass window ‘shrinkies’ key rings and learnt how to take brass rubbings. These will all be displayed in the hallway of school for you to share. After lunch in the garden we walked down to the Museum and had a really good look around the exhibitions by way of a fairly tricky quiz. Mrs Walsh’s team were the winners, finding all the answers ahead of the time allotted – Well done to Team Walsh! Back on the train and home to an early bed for many of us! Thank you to all parents and carers who were so punctual with both departure and pick up. It was a lovely day and a great trip and it was a great opportunity for Mrs Dodd to spend the whole day with us, getting to know the children so much better. Thanks to Mrs Dodd for coming with us.

Thank you so much to all those children and adults who are giving up their time to take part in this. The children practised marching, singing and drumming and members of the PFA busily made flags and placards for the children to carry, as well as ordering around 100 personalised balloons to give away. All the children created some giant ‘oak’ leaves to carry round the town. It was a wonderful spectacle and we are all extremely grateful for the continued support and enthusiasm of parents and children and friends of the school, alike.

The whole school joined the staff and parents, past and present, of Little Oaks, to say goodbye and remember the great times that they have had over the many years that they were operating. Everyone enjoyed a trip down memory lane as well as a cup of tea and a delicious piece of cake. Emotions ran high but it was a lovely turnout and we wish all the staff and parents well for the future. After that I visited the Toddler group to gauge interest in the possibility of a pre-school opening within the school. I am very pleased to say that the response from most parents was very positive. Any parents who are interested in a place for their child at either our potential pre-school or our actual primary school please don't hesitate to get in touch - you are most welcome to come and look around the school and judge for yourselves the unique atmosphere and friendly learning environment.


14 December 2014

Good things come in small packages!
Last week the Daily Telegraph published its Primary Schools League Tables 2014, comparing the points scored by pupils taking the year 6 SATs in May 2014. We are delighted that we are ranked 24th of all schools in Devon, and as far as I can see, 3rd in North Devon. The high ratio of adults to children in our school ensure that the children can all achieve the best they can, not only academically but as our Ofsted inspection demonstrated, also in their behaviour. Children are in mixed aged classes that allow them to work to their ability rather than their age expectation. Because the younger children hear the older children reading out their work and can see the quality of presentation, they are able to aspire to a standard far higher than might be expected for their age group. This is all in addition to the very strong family feel of the school where the children all play together – boys and girls, older children and younger ones. No wonder they do so well!


15 January 2015

Burrington Primary would like to wish all the community of Burrington a very Happy New Year.
It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Christmas Performance in the Church at the end of last term. Thank you so much for your support. It makes a huge difference to the children to perform to such a friendly and enthusiastic audience. When Mr Walters asked for past pupils of Burrington Primary to stand up, it was overwhelming to see how many of you had attended the school. We intend to continue for many more years to come, but as you are aware, we are continually struggling against the decline in numbers of children applying to join our school.
‘Word of mouth’ is often the best way for parents to find out if a school is suitable for their children. We continue to work as hard as possible to raise our profile by sending in regular articles to the North Devon Journal, taking part in South Molton Carnival, as we did in September, even sponsoring Chulmleigh Sheep show. There is no doubt that this is an excellent school and everyone who visits, comments on the outstanding behaviour of the children and the calm atmosphere in which they work. Our adult child ratio is way above what children would experience in most larger schools which means that they can get the best possible assistance necessary both academically and emotionally. We are still working towards starting a pre-school up within the school building, to fill the spot that Little Oaks have left for children from two years of age, but as we have a bureaucratic mountain to climb before we can get started, please bear with us.


27 April 2015

This week we began our church banner project with Helyne Jennings and all the children really enjoyed beginning to plan their own particular section of the banner. The aim is for each child to produce a piece of work that is entirely their own, and then collaborate on the main banner that will reflect the logo of the school, using leaves as a decorative theme, which will be depicted in the colours of the church year. The banner will then hang in the church as a lasting record of our church school foundation.

On Sunday, the PFA organised a Sponsored Cycle ride. Parents and children gathered on the Village Green at 10.00am with their bikes and scooters and of course their helmets! Once off, they followed a clearly marked route from the Green to Balls Corner up to Five Oaks and back around the Big D. The older children set their own speed trials and almost all finished the course. They ended with a flourish at the Primary School where they were refreshed with squash and cake! We were extremely grateful to all the organisers and supporters especially those in the Vintage Car Rally whose route took them through the village at just the right time! It was a fantastic way to spend Sunday morning! All funds will go to the PFA. Again, many thanks to all those who took part.

29 June 2015

School Sports Day
This is always a very exciting afternoon and the children love to show off their sporting skills to the huge turnout of parental supporters. Unfortunately as soon as we stepped out of the school door, the heavens opened and we had to make a quick decision to carry on, or abandon ship. Carry on we did, and we thank the supporting parents and friends for their patience while we re-donned jumpers and searched out something to sit on. Although we started late, we did manage to complete each event and all the children were given a medal for their great sportsmanship and resilience! Afterwards we had a delicious tea in the Village Hall provided by parents and friends and organised by the PFA and we are extremely grateful to them for providing such a superb spread, and for decorating the hall.


14 July 2015

Last month we had our SIAMS inspection to check that as a church school, we are explicit in our Christian distinctiveness. The inspector observed lessons, looked at work and displays by the children and talked to all the children in the school. He also held discussions with Directors, Mike Johnson, Mrs Dodd, parents and Mr Walters and Mrs Newman. We are delighted to say that after judging us on three different criteria, he found us to be Good across the board. The new inspections are very rigorous, so we were delighted with this result.
Next term, Class 1 will be taught by Mrs Jenny North as Mrs Newman will be taking up a new post at Chulmleigh Primary school. Mrs North will be working with children from Yr 3 to Reception. Mr Walters will be the Senior Teacher.
Sadly more discussions with parents and the community are taking place regarding the future of the school. Numbers are already low and we do not seem to have been able to attract any more children to our wonderful school.


7 March 2016

This term, Class 2 are continuing with our journey to space and beyond by investigating the depths of the universe and the purpose of the ISS. In literacy, this will be focusing on journalism and analysing how news reports are collected and constructed. With the run-up to the Year 6 SATs, they will be revising hard and we wish them well in doing as well as they can at this important time of year.

Class 1 are going on a prehistoric journey this term - our topic of 'dinosaurs' has already generated lots of enthusiasm among the children who are in the process of setting up a dinosaur park outside and a dinosaur museum indoors. Our class text 'Dino Diners' has already helped us learn, among other things, about the eating habits of different dinosaurs and some interesting facts about their digestive systems has been cause for much hilarity! In maths this week, we are learning how to tell the time so we've been setting ourselves 'beat the timer challenges' in our outdoor area, which we have had real pleasure in enjoying in the winter sunshine this week - bring on Spring!

Class 2 had a competition for the best letter to Tim Peake, who is currently zooming around the Earth on the ISS (with gorilla and dinner jacket too!) The competition was very tough - and very tough to judge! Eventually, the staff decided on two very worthy letters by Harry Carnegie and Lewis Bailey. They conveyed not only their excitement in Tim's mission, but wrote really personal letters that I think he will be quite touched by. The letters will be emailed in the next few days - and maybe we will even get a reply!

24 March 2016

Sports Relief
What a morning we had with our Skipathon on Friday morning! The children spilled out onto the playground at ten past nine, skipping ropes in hand, with a target of 5,000 skips as our Sports Relief Challenge. By half way through, we had smashed 5,000 and were well on the way to 8,000. The children skipped their hearts out, some hardly drawing breaths, to keep going and tot up as many skips as they could. As the final whistle went, and Mrs Walsh dashed from group to group collating the scores, it soon became apparent that we had not only doubles out target, but actually notched up no less than 11, 870 skips! The sponsor money is rolling in and we are hoping to have raised over £200. Please send in your sponsor money as soon as you can, so we can send it off for a very worthy cause. And thank you to everyone for your support!

Easter Service
Thank you to everyone who came to our Easter Service. It was a lovely event, as usual, and the children were so proud to perform to the congregation. A big thank you to Mrs North for the music and singing, and Mrs Walsh for organising the props. And of course, how could we forget the spring chicks!!

Burrington 160
As part of the Burrington 160 celebrations, we would like to put together a snapshot of the day-to-day life of our pupils and their families. The idea is that each family takes a few photographs of daily life, going about their business, which will then be collated into a booklet, which can be purchased for a modest fee. This will be a lasting record of our school in 2016, which can be passed on for future generations to look at in years to come. More details will be given after Easter, but we would love everyone, including past pupils and families, to contribute to a really special memory of our school.

Space Seeds
We now have confirmation that Tim Peake's rocket seeds will be delivered on Monday 18th April, so we will be getting ready to sow and watch them grow! Watch this 'space'!!

5 May 2016

Simonsbath Residential
Class 2 had an absolutely brilliant time at Simonsbath last week. It was literally non-stop from the time we arrived. The older children enjoyed mountain biking and tree climbing, whilst the younger ones grass sledged and climbed. They all climbed the 3m Great Wall with such tenacity with nothing more that a rope! After archery, the highlight was Stream Scrambling, where everyone got wet (even in their waders and waterproof coats!) and we had to tip Jack upside down to empty him, before he collapsed with the weight of water he was trying to haul himself along with! We had great fun Morris Dancing, and I'm pleased to say there were no bashed fingers (as far as we know!) By the way, if your child says they don't know how to make a packed lunch, or make a bed, see me first! A big thank you to Louise, Emily and Paul for taking such good care of us and giving us such a lovely time. This was our fourth visit and it was quite thought provoking how we had seen Louise's baby, Megan, grow up to be a 12 year old now - and Bramble the collie dog, who we saw as a puppy! Happy memories!

Burrington Festival
We have been kindly given a cheque for £xxxx from the Burrington Festival committee, which sadly has now disbanded. We will be using the money to support events in school and are very grateful to them. Thank you.

Burrington 160
We will be holding an open meeting for parents on Monday 9th May to look at ideas for the celebrations of the 160th year of our school. Do come along and give us your thoughts, so we can begin preparations in good time.

Space Seeds
Our Space Seeds experiment from Tim Peake in the ISS is doing well. We are collecting data as the seeds germinate and grow. The germination rate is quite low, but we are beginning to see a clear difference between the different seeds we have planted. But we don't know which ones have been to space yet!


8 June 2016

On Monday 13th June, Devon Air Ambulance are visiting to tell the children about their work to help save lives and rescue people who need urgent medical attention. Recently, they have approached our Parish Council regarding the use of the school field as an emergency landing site, should someone in the village be taken ill. We are really looking forward to their visit - but I don't think they will be bringing the helicopter.

Before half-term we had yet another fantastic reading week, organised as usual by Judy Cowx. We would like to say a huge thank you to our community readers for giving up their time. The children are always enthusiastic about our visitors and look forward to the opportunity to read to them. Thank you from all of us for your support!

The Francis Award was presented to Tallulah for her excellent attitude towards her reading and making such good progress. It is clear that those children that read regularly really stand out and are zooming ahead. Reading at home with an adult makes a huge difference and gives a good grounding for life!

We have been recording the growth of our Tim Peake space seeds, but after 3 weeks, there was no noticeable difference between each type of seed. However, the germination rate of both 'space' and 'Earth' seeds have been quite low. It will be interesting to find out the results nationally when they are released. Our results have now been sent off, so we are waiting with bated breath for the national results. Watch this 'space'!

Do have a look around the school grounds. The children have been busy planting onions, broccoli, tomatoes and lettuce, together with planting some lovely flowers we have bought from Pickard's shop. Hopefully, we will be eating salad and soup by the end of term!


7 July 2016

Francis Award
We have made a real break with tradition this week by presenting our Francis Award to a member of Class 1! Our swimming lessons have been going very well, and some children can be a little more worried about the whole thing than others. So last week, Evie managed to get nearly half way across the pool on her woggle without putting a single foot down! That's quite an achievement, as Mrs Bryce will tell you! Well done Evie Bryce!

Dan Metcalf's Author Visit
Last week, Dan visited our school to present his very latest books about a very inquisitive girl called Lottie Lipton, who solves mysteries in the British Museum. Dan read some extracts from his book and talked about his career as a writer, emphasising the importance of re-drafting his work to get the best piece of work he can. Crediton Community Bookshop hosted the event and were amazed when they realised that HALF the school had bought one of Dan's books. Some children already had a copy of one of his titles, and brought it along to be signed too! A really good visit and we hope that Crediton Bookshop will be able to bring many more authors to our school to inspire us to write - and of course - read too!

Burrington 160
We are busy preparing for our Burrington 160 celebrations, with lots going on. Do come along and join in the fun. Everyone welcome!

Work Experience
We welcomed back one of our past pupils, Elaine Short, who joined us for the week as part of her work experience. It's very strange looking back when I remember Elaine coming into Class 2 for the very first time as a Year 3. Her cheeky grin always made us smile, and between Elaine and Laura, they were known to get up to mischief at times. Especially when they were caught giggling in lessons and when asked what was going on, they said how "Mr Walters' reminds us of the ugly duckling with his walking boots on!" and we fell about when we were having an important test and Mr Walters explained that if they follow the instructions carefully, then couldn't fail to get it right. To which Elaine replied "Unless you get it wrong of course!"

End of term
The end of term is rapidly approaching and, as usual, times flies. It often feels like a time warp; how one year ends and another begins, with children leaving us for new challenges and new ones joining us on their first journey in school. This is a lovely school and we are all very proud and possessive about the part it plays in our lives. The Burrington 160 will mark an important part in its history and whilst we are all anxious about the future, let's move forward in a positive way to preserve the special nature of our school, its children, staff and community. As a teacher, it is very special to see children pass through your class and see them blossom from being the ‘newcomers’ in Year 3 to the ‘nurturers’ in Year 6. Then onward to secondary and college. How the different characters mix and meld and fall out and make up and grow and perform in front of audiences that their parents never dreamt they would. How they go on residential without a blink of the eye, rise to the challenge of tests, achieve more than they ever thought in many things: patience; determination; success; encouraging others and a million other things too. And still they remain themselves and leave their mark on us all.

Thank you to everyone, past, present and future in making Burrington the special place it is.

15 September 2016

Welcome back everyone! I'm sure you're all thinking, where has the holiday gone?, (or maybe thank goodness they're over!) It's lovely to see everyone back, with some new children joining us this term. Kian is in Year 3 and Ned, Grant and Natalia are our new reception children. A very big welcome to them and they seemed to have settled in very quickly, making new friends and getting used to new class mates.

Class 1 this term

The topic in Class one this term is ‘Celebrations’ which will begin next week as we celebrate 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth. Throughout the term we will learn about the different cultural and religious celebrations which we mark as well as those enjoyed by others. In science we will be exploring changing materials.

Class 2 this term

This term is really exciting for Class 2, as our topic is the Romans. This is great for linking to many aspects of our curriculum, particularly literacy. We will be using DT to create some Roman models and Ollie Martin will be visiting for the third time as a Roman soldier who has just invaded Britain to give the class a real taste of life as a Roman! In science we are investigating electricity, in ICT we will be programming with 'Scratch', in RE the children are investigating religious Celebrations and in PSHE they will be looking at Changes. As usual, a busy term with Harvest and Christmas too!

School council

Our new School Council has now been elected and are looking forward to helping make oiur school a better place with their ideas and suggestions. We welcome Sam in Year 6, Imogen in Year 5, Louis in Year 4, Kian in Year 3, Izzie in Year 2 and Evie in Year 1. We wish them well in this important role!

Final Note

I have to say it is so lovely to see the children come back to school so positive and eager to see their friends again. 6 weeks is a long break and it's easy to forget little things, like reading regularly. A few children have kept diaries of their adventures, and some children have read over 10 books! And it shows already! Well done to them.

It is also a busy year for Year 6 and they are so focused on their work already. What a start for them and we wish them well in this important last year for them at Burrington school.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and loyalty to our special school. It is so appreciated and also to hear the many, many supportive comments about the school. Thank you.

5 October 2016

Children's Hospice

We were very proud to receive a visit from Howard Meadows, from Children's Hospice on Friday 21st September. Howard had visited all our primaries to see what we were up to and was thrilled to see some of the silver costumes we had created! Over £20 was collected and presented to him, as our contribution to the essential and wonderful work they do. Well done everyone and thank you all.

Francis Award

Last week's award was presented to Dan, in Year 6, for an excellent reading record. Well done Dan. This week's award was presented to Lexie, in Year 4, for her beautiful handwriting and all the hard work she has put into her writing and reading. Very well done, Lexie!

Harvest Service

Just a reminder to say our Harvest Service will be held in the church on Friday 14th October at 2.30pm. Do come along and join in - and please bring friends and family, both current and past to share in our autumn celebration.

We are now collecting tins and packets of food for the service, so please send in as much as you can. Thank you all for your support.

Roman Day

Class 2 will be visited by a Roman soldier on Tuesday 18th October. He will be trying to persuade the children, who will be playing the parts of Celtic villagers, to join the 'Roman way'. But will the Celts make the right choice - or be dragged into slavery or worse!

Please dress you child as a Celt for the day, and if you have any patterned rugs or blankets we can dress our classroom in, please let us know. Tuesday the 18th will see our class turned into a Celtic roundhouse and the spirit of the Celts will return ...


4 November 2016

Big Bang at Torrington

Year 5 and 6 visited GTS earlier this month to take part in the Big Bang science day. What a day! The children enjoyed a fantastic display of explosions, under controlled conditions of course, where they learned about the forces involved in making rockets and the different methods of propelling objects using gas and chemicals - even a bicycle! They made their own photographs using pin-hole cameras and presented the weather on TV! In the sports hall, a huge number of displays were there to engage their eager minds, but the favourite must have been the biggest bubble machine you ever saw - large enough to completely surround them! A great day.

The Romans came to Burrington!

Last Tuesday, we were delighted to see Oli once again, after a long 4 year gap since his last visit. What were you doing 4 years ago? What a fantastic day and photos were on the Facebook page before you could say centurion! On Monday afternoon, Class 2 was transformed into a Celtic roundhouse, in preparation for the morning. The children came spectacularly dressed as Celts, ready for an exciting day. They debated whether to accept Roman rule - or fight! The druid was very stubborn and was having no suggestion of accepting Roman rule. But after the Roman optio arrived and gave them a choice, many villagers decided that maybe fighting the Roman army was not a good idea! After exploring many Celtic artefacts and making offerings to the gods for advice, they travelled to the Roman camp to discover some of the benefits of Roman life. After examining many Roman artefacts, including a real coin a Roman soldier was paid with, and trying out a bit of weapon practice, the children were convinced that the Roman way was best - except for the druid, of course. So we thought we'd just sell him to another tribe! The day culminated with a transformation into Roman legionaries and a pitched battle ensued against the unruly Celts (Class 1 and parents). Without doubt, the Romans won and celebrated victrix! A huge thank you to Oli for a super day and a fascinating insight into Roman life.

Celtic writing

Class 2 have just completed their finished booklets based on the day in a Celtic girl’s life. They have worked really hard on these, and although not perfect, it shows the talent and skill of the children's writing ability. Please look at the display in the entrance hall, they are very proud of their work.

Thank you!

Our thanks to Jenny Edgington and her family who have kindly donated two huge boxes of cardboard building blocks to the school. The children in Class One are really going to enjoy working with these.


Thank you to everyone who came to our Harvest Service and for the kind gifts of food you sent in. These will be presented to the North Devon Foodbank, where it will be distributed to those who are in most need of help and support. The children had worked hard putting their acts together and enjoyed sharing their journey around festivals of the world with you. A special thank you to The School Council for their ideas in putting the service together and leading their groups.


As you know, the children were also busy last week harvesting the crab apple tree in the school garden, which was tremendously fruitful and we hope that some of you may have embarked upon making some crab apple jelly.


Class one have been continuing their learning in geography this week by thinking more about the food we eat, where it comes from and why different foods are grown in different parts of the world. Last week Natalia was awarded Reader of the week, for making good progress in phonics – well done Natalia. On Wednesday, Class One were taught by Mr Shearing while Mrs North attended a training course with Exeter Diocese focussing on the teaching of RE in Early Years Education.



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