Burrington, Devon, pictures from old postcards and photos


Forge & School, Burrington.  Postcard, posted 1908.  Dave Tylcoat.


Town Bridge. Postcard, posted 1946. Dave Tylcoat.


'New' vicarage.  Postcard, stuck in book. Anne Miller.


'Old' vicarage (now Meadow House).  Postcard, posted 1926. Anne Miller.


The Vicarage.  Postcard.  Dave Tylcoat.


Burrington vicarage, Devon
Burrington vicarage.  Postcard.  Dave Tylcoat.


North Parks, Mr Snell with horse. Photo (from Beaford?). Anne Miller.


As above but whole picture. Margaret Bolt.


Enlargement from picture above



North Parks, photocopy. Anne Miller.


Hillcrest on an advertising card while it was a Guest House.
Telephone number was 'Ashreigney 30', '3 Guineas a week', 'Electric Light'.
[Anne Miller's collection]


Burrington School children, 1937 - see below. Photo. Margaret Bolt.



The following four school photos from Margaret Bolt


The following 3 photos show the village hall,
the top two are of the original, which burned down in 1943,
the last is of the current hall, August 2011.


The following 6 pictures are scanned from negatives I managed to find on eBay,
one day I will get round to having them done photographically.
There was no clue as to their source, they were originally purchased at an auction in the Midlands.



Kingford, Burrington.  Postcard, unposted, Margaret Bolt.
"Above Cowlas looking towards Umberleigh" written on back.




Postcard, unposted, Margaret Bolt.
"From behind Lake Park" written on back.



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