Burrington, Devon, around the village centre


Postcard, posted 1956.  Margaret Bolt.


Postcard, posted 1905.  Anne Miller.
I am assuming that Elsie and Jack (one of them a dog), who are running to the P.O. with letters,
lived at the constabulary house indicated by 'x' (see card below).


Postcard, posted 1908.  Anne Miller.
Also as a postcard in my collection, posted 9 Oct 1918 at Burrington, from Kate(?) at Hayne Farm
to Lily Dancy (or Darcy), 69 Victoria Road, Bedminster, Bristol.


Postcard, not posted.  Anne Miller.


Postcard, posted 24 May 1905, Chulmleigh.  Dave Tylcoat.


Postcard, stuck in book.  Anne Miller.

Enlargement from card above.  Car JNE 24.



Postcard, stuck in book.  Original Post Office on left with fancy telephone box outside.  Anne Miller.


Same as above but with no posting box in the window.


Goaman & Sons Ltd, Wholesale Grocers, Bideford - delivery van CDV 905 outside the shop.


T. Drew, Grocer, 'Licensed to sell Tobacco' - the village shop.
Boys outside shop appear to be in school uniform - no computer games etc - just a bicycle tyre and a stick!
[from a postcard in Anne Miller's collection]


Photo (from Beaford?).  Anne Miller.


The Chapel. Postcard, not posted.  Anne Miller.


Photocopy (from Beaford?).  Anne Miller.


The village centre, photo by Dave Tylcoat from Cessna 180c, G-ARAT.


A view of the church, photo by Dave Tylcoat from Cessna 180c, G-ARAT.



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