Archive of featured pictures, Burrington village page.
Burrington, Devon, England.

All photos Copyright Dave Tylcoat


New Beech leaves, Burrington, Devon.
New Beech leaves


Mother & Child, sheep, Burrington, Devon.
Sheep near Week Cross


Cow Parsley, Burrington, Devon.  Backlit & fill-in flash.
Cow Parsley, or Queen Anne's Lace


Violet, the pig, Burrington, Devon.
A particularly peculiar purple porker


Burrington Moor Radar Station, Burrington, Devon.
Burrington Moor Radar Station


Sheep, Morte Point, North Devon.  Nice hair and a bit of bling.


Bales, Burrington, 23 July 2012.
Bales with Radar Station behind


The Beacon, Burrington, Devon.
The Beacon reflected in a puddle


Wild flowers (Orange Hawkweed), Burrington, Devon.  26th July 2012.  Photo  Dave Tylcoat.
Orange Hawkweed


Gargoyle house decoration, Burrington, Devon.  22 August 2012.  Photo  Dave Tylcoat.
Grotesque house decoration


Burrington, Devon.  A view of the village from between Halfsbury Cross and Aylescott Cross.  Photo  Dave Tylcoat.
The village seen from between Halfsbury Cross and Aylescott Cross


Burrington, Devon, cattle
The gang of three, in a field near Halfsbury Cross


In the churchyard, Burrington, Devon
In the churchyard


Burrington, Devon. Dartmoor in the distance.
Sunshine & showers, Dartmoor in the distance


Horse, Burrington, Devon
In a field behind J Pickard & Co


Damien Hirst's Verity being installed at Ilfracombe
Damien Hirst's Verity being installed at Ilfracombe


Trees at Bircham Hill, Burrington, Devon
Trees at Bircham Hill


Wind turbine, Bedport, Burrington
Wind turbine being installed, Bedport, 28 Nov 2012


Trees in the mist, Burrington, Devon.
Trees at Handford


Sheep, Burrington, Devon, January 2013
18th January 2013


Westward Ho!
Westward Ho!, 18th May 2013


Burrington, Devon, sunset
Burrington, 11th August 2013, wind turbine at left.


Snowberries, Burrington, 9th September 2013
Also called 'Corpseberries' and described as a food for wandering ghosts.


Hartland Point Lighthouse, Lundy in the distance, 21st April 2014


Hebridean Sheep at Baggy Point, 13th June 2014


MS Oldenburg, Lundy
MS Oldenburg, Lundy, 24th June 2014


View over Putsborough Sands towards Woolacombe, 15th July 2014


View over Putsborough Sands towards Woolacombe, 4th October 2014


Bucks Mills, 6 April 2015.


Near Hartland Quay, 18 April 2015.


Hartland Point Lighthouse with Lundy in the distance. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.


Abandoned winding gear at Bucks Mills.


An inquisitive swan, Exeter quay, 27 December 2015


Hochgurgl Jan 2016
BURRINGTON SKI CLUB members Dave and Derron, Hochgurgl, Austria, January 2016


Burrington, 2 February 2016.  Taken on my phone while out running.

Copyright Dave Tylcoat