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Dave & Sue Tylcoat


London 10K, Dave and Sue Tylcoat

Sue passed away aged 54 on Sunday 15th December 2013 just before midday, I was with her. She has been very strong and I am so proud of her.

Sue was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in January. She underwent extensive Chemotherapy followed by Radiotherapy to her lungs and head. Her ambition was to live a year, she didn’t quite make it but went down fighting – like the girl she is. We made the most of our time together, going on countless holidays, as anyone who has followed her on Twitter or Facebook will know. She never once complained or sought pity.

We returned from a week in Malta about 3 weeks ago, which we thoroughly enjoyed, not knowing that just around the corner the cancer would return – big time. Thankfully she was only in hospital 5 days, on morphine etc, me sleeping next to her bed.

My best friend of 24 years will remain my best friend forever.

Oh Very Young, Cat Stevens

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Last updated 18 March 2014


The surname spellings above are part of the same family, which we have so far traced back to the Nuneaton area of Warwickshire
in around 1470.  The family has descendants in (at least) - Canada, England, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.


The indexes below include all known Tylcoat, Tylecote & Talcott (+ variants) worldwide (except USA Talcott),
plus interconnecting families.  Some American Talcotts are included - mostly from the first three generations after 1632 in the USA.

For further information see


Family Indexes - updated 4 Sept 03
2781 individuals

Index 1. ABBOT, Joan Mary - EDGELY, Robert
Index 2.
EDGERLEY, Carol Anne - LAMBERT, Anne
Index 3.
LAMBERT, Edward - PRICHARD, Martha
Index 4.

Index 5. TAYLCOAT, John - TYLLCOTT, Jone
Index 6.
TYLLCOTT, Leonard - ZAREBA, Krystyn

Miscellaneous Persons Indexes - updated 4 Sept 03
1166 individuals

Misc Index 1. A - J
Misc Index 2.
K - Z

SEARCHABLE DATABASE.  Here is something I did a few years ago, which I am unlikely to have the time to be able to update again in the near future.  It is a searchable database of the families above and was hosted for me by Deane Merrill in the USA.  It is now available on the Internet Archive.  It is best to start with the 'Index of Surnames'.
Searchable Database (opens in new window)
Note - some pages have not yet been archived.


I have found the following six genealogy books invaluable during the last 10 years
- clicking on one will take you to Amazon UK,
where you will be able to read reviews & see a picture (where applicable),
find the best price, have the opportunity to buy one.
The Glossary is particularly useful when transcribing old Wills etc.
See also my own Glossary, from the 'Early English Handwriting' link below.

The Dictionary of Genealogy (Reference) The Local Historian's Encyclopaedia The Family Tree Detective: Tracing Your Ancestors in England and Wales
Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office (Public Record Office Handbooks: 19) Record Repositories in Great Britain: A Geographical Directory A Glossary of Household Farming & Trade Terms from 17th-century Probate Inventories

** There are more books on our 'Early English Handwriting' page (link below) **


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